Rod Welch
1158 St Matthew Place #103
Concord, CA 94518

Date: Mon, 03 Apr 2006 12:22:30 -0700

08 01 04 61 06040301

Ms. Kimberly Gentle
Primary Care Center
Veterans Administration
Northern California Health Care System
150 Muir Road
Martinez, CA 94553
Subject:   Welch 0144 Coordinate GI and PC for Referral
Dental Eligibility Review

Dear Kim,

I got a call from Connie this morning in the PC department. She suggested you might be able to coordinate between Doctor Sandhu and Doctor Lee on a referral for dental work.
I spoke with Doctor Lee about this on 060330 when he performed a test at VA Mather AFB. Earlier on 060317 Doctor Sandhu made an examination and requested research on eligibility in order to make a referral. Here is the research showing links to VA regulations and findings by the doctor. If convenient, can you transmit to Doctor Sandhu.
Connie said she does not have email for sending anything to the doctor, but felt you might be able to save time coming in and having a meeting. They still haven't found a replacement for you in PC. So, can you help out by forwarding this to Doctor Sandhu that requires coordination with Doctor Lee. It would be a big help.


Rod Welch