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April 8, 2003

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Mr. Garold L. Johnson
Modeling and Simulation
3370 Mira Loma Avenue
PO Box 3105
Anaheim, CA 92803
Subject:   Update SDS Code and Records
Corrections and Ideas on Application, Formatting, Etc.

Dear Gary,

An update is on the Internet with a few corrections and minor improvements, as shown in my record today. Please remove these files from the website after installation.
This update fixes the problem you reported where the function to assign directory structure for Other Files was not working correctly. In addition, there is some guidance on how to assign directory and filenames for Other Files to fit smoothly into an overall project data base or Knowledge Space.
The problem reported in your letter this afternoon that the save function was failing occurred because the outline structure in the file on CMM KPAs and Activities was slightly out of alignment in several places. Adjusting the alignment to a uniform right margin solved the problem. Please call if more clarification is needed on this matter.
For training and support purposes, provided some formatting ideas. The file on CMM KPAs and Activities is submitted back to you that illustrate how to apply these ideas. Let me know if you need help with this.
Additionally, the substance of CMM KPAs and Activities offers good guidance for setting up subjects to manage the project.


Rod Welch