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Date: Wed, 6 Nov 2002 16:25:49 -0800

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Mr. Rod Welch
The Welch Company
440 Davis Court #1602
San Francisco, CA 94111 2496
Subject:   Errors Problems Using SDS Today

Dear Rod,

Here is a recap of what I managed (or not) with SDS today:

== Fixes for Errors in HTML Formatting
I sent you an earlier email with the repaired files and the notes embedded in them as comments.
== Diary Record Not Found Errors

I have a couple of Diary records that show up in the Diary but get a "Does not exist" error when I try to open them. The error message says that the file name that is being expected is displayed, but it isn't until after pressing , which confused me.
The files do not exist, and there are no files which contain them under the D:\SD\08\GLJDY\02\02\ directory. Are they in the records I sent you do you think? No problem if they are lost.

The problem records are:
October 1, 2002 1354 Started working with SDS lessons

D:\SD\08\GLJDY\02\02\10\01\135438 ..
October 8, 2002 0924 Titles Off Help Incorrect

D:\SD\08\GLJDY\02\02\10\08\092429 ..
== Creating Prior Date Diary From Diary Record

I am certain that there was a way to do this mentioned in the help files, but I couldn't find it.
I have records where I have entered follow up work in the original record. I want to create follow up Diary records on the correct date using the record with the extra data as a template. Then I can just remove the stuff before the work in the new record and set up a forward link in the original record. This should get the whole thing correct, but I can't find how to do this.
== Anchor Insert Breaks Headline

I had one instance where Save inserted an anchor into a headline and then wrapped the underline onto the end of the heading. Since this is hard to reproduce, I don't know how to test it easily. Using F1 F3 to insert and anchor doesn't wrap the headline, but it does put the anchor on the same line as the headline. We might consider *always* creating anchors on a line by themselves just before the paragraph. It may sound strange, but I think they are less obtrusive that way.
== Titles Off Doesn't Work From Schedule

I had an error in the title of a Diary record that I created from the schedule. I tired to change it with "Titles Off" from the Diary record, but it didn't work. Editing the title in the schedule worked fine once I remembered it.
This is a difference between the way the Schedule works and the way the Diary works. I don't see why they shouldn't both work the same way. If the title could be edited from the Diary screen, then the "Titles Off" function would be redundant. Failing that, "Titles Off" should work for a record in the Schedule as well.
This is likely related to another problem I had using a follow up line in the SAA to try to jump to a record in the Schedule. Perhaps we need to make certain that Diary record in the schedule are included in some of these branching attempts.
== Formatting Errors on Save / Wrap

I have experienced several random errors in formatting records.

The problems appear to be related to wrapping lines.

Some new records had line numbers wrapped into the paragraph
I had a line number continue to be pulled into the last line of a record during a Save operation. This appears to be caused by trying to edit to close to the last available line of the file. Adding more lines seemed to fix the problem.
== Lost Follow Up Items in SAA

The SAA record was missing some Follow Up items that I knew I had entered. This probably occurred while I was having archiving problems.
I revisited all of the records (no way to search for them) and saved each record with a Follow Up highlight. This fixed the problem.
Apparently I had missed a record, so I tried to resave that one, and it didn't work. I restarted SDS and tried again, but it still didn't work.
I added a line to a record in order to test this, and both lines showed up in the SAA record. This is strange. I did open the SAA record each time to refresh it.
== Using MSDOS Fixes Several Problems

Changing to MSDOS also appears to have corrected the problems with searching the Subject Index.
I was able to do a search to find all of the KeyNote records. This indicates that there is some advantage for including multiple levels of the index in the records. I was after KeyNote Recipes, but all the records had KeyNote. The Recipes category under that should be KeyNote Recipes, combining 2 levels of the index in a single subject.
I made this change in the Subject Index and used the search to find all the KeyNote records. I then updated the subject descriptions.



Garold L. Johnson