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Date: Tue, 8 Oct 2002 09:02:34 -0700

Mr. Rod Welch
The Welch Company
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San Francisco, CA 94111 2496
Subject:   SDS Questions and Program Update


Thanks for the response.

I downloaded the update and unpacked it using c:\01\02\rcv.bat. The copy directions at...

...worked except that the xcopy should be &0400074 rather than $0400074.
This update apparently gave me too much!
Under Miscellaneous projects I now have a lot of SDS related stuff and none of the entries I have been making. Even subject levels with no names and new subject levels have data under them.

This is certain to break something.
I doubt that deleting subject entries is a good idea.
It seems that at a minimum I need a top level subject index that matches all the levels underneath.
Is there some way to prevent this in the future? Should I add a small jobs subject of my own or add my subjects back in at the end and re-apply them in my records?


Garold (Gary) L. Johnson