Edward C. Swanstrom

Founder, President, and CEO, Knowledge Management Consortium International

Brief Bio

Formerly a practice leader of Arthur D. Little, Mr. Swanstrom combined organizational learning, business process redesign, strategic planning, and object technology methods into a single knowledge management method called Object Oriented Change and Learning (OOCL). This method was rated by Gartner Group as the most advanced in its class in 1997. In 1995, Arthur D. Little acquired Innovation Associates co-founded by Peter Senge. Several of IA members were involved in OOCL projects. Mr. Swanstrom has provided consulting services to many Fortune 100 companies and several government agencies.

Founded the KMCI December 1997 serving as Chairman of the Board. Became full-time Executive Director of the KMC September 1998. Title changed to President/CEO December 7,1998.

Additional Experience Related to Knowledge Management

1979-1985 - Graduate studies related to modifying scientific and business environments to increase knowledge production. Studies in Anthropology, Linguistics, Philosophy, Artificial Intelligence, Neuroscience, and Psychology. These studies lead to the development of the Accelerated Knowledge Production and Acquisition Method (AKPAM)

1979 - Anthropological studies of knowledge production, acquisition, and transmission. Field work with the Ana tribe Cross River States in Nigeria and the Sora tribe in India.

1985-1994 - Applied AKPAM to business. Between 1989-1995 applied AKPAM to help shift Information Technology (IT) groups into Object Technology and lead Software Programming, Business Process Reengineering, and Strategic Planning teams.

1998 - Chairperson of the Natural Knowledge Management System Model task force. Conducted the initial research and authored the KM Enterprise Model paper for the KMC knowledge production process.

1999 - Patent-pended a Knowledge Production Acceleration technique - Extreme Innovation technique.

1999 - Lead author of Knowledge Management a textbook for university graduate programs - John Wiley and Sons

1999 - Author of Measuring and Managing Knowledge Processes - John Wiley and Sons

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