440 Davis Court #1602
San Francisco, CA 94111-2496
415 781 5700

June 16, 1999

04 00069 61 99061601

Mr. Joe Hennessey
National Science Foundation
4201 Wilson Boulevard; Room P60
Arlington, VA 22230

Subject:   NSF Proposal #9961176

Dear Joe,

As you requested on Jun 14, 1999, here is subject proposal prepared using forms downloaded from NSF web site.

  1. Cover page and Certification, signed and dated. 1 copy only

  2. Project Summary, 1 copy only

  3. Information about Principal Investigator/Project Directors, 1 copy only

  4. Technical proposal, 12 parts, including table of contents, 9 copies

All materials were mailed to you via Fed Ex today at 1730. You can, also, access everything, except the Cover page, on the Internet. Thanks again for your assistance, and to the NSF SBIR team.



Rod Welch

Post Script

Separately, our letter also dated today suggests four (4) possible reviewers for consideration by NSF.