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August 14, 1998                                                                      04 00067 61 98081401

Mr. Bill Wagoner
917 Arrowhead Terrace
Clayton, CA  94517

Subject:  Camera for web site photo
                 Communication Metrics

Ref:   a. Bill's letter Aug 14, 1998
          b. Rod's letter Aug 13, 1998

Dear Bill,
Great pictures on your trip to Mexico. Did you say you climbed the pyramid shown in the picutre?

I would like to take a picture for inclusion in my web site of a typical manager's desk to illustrate the need for "intelligence" that reduces paper handling. Seems like you showed us a camera at Christmas or Thanksgiving last year that takes a digitized picture, which would be ready to go. Could I borrow it, or possibly we could hook up one day when you are in the city and go take the picture. There is a specific office on Market near BART that has a perfect desk for this picture. The paper is so high that you can barely see the guy at the desk.

Actually, we might take a picture of my desk, to show the difference between using "intelligence" and using documentation.



Rod Welch