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March 19, 1998                                        04 00067 98031901

Mr. Morris E. Jones
Sr. Vice President
Chips & Technologies, Inc
2950 Zanker Road
San Jose, CA  95134

Subject:  Telnet to Manage Server via Remote PC

Ref:   a. Problem Deleting Files on Server, Mar 19, 1998
          b. Telecon Morris/Rod Mar 15, 1998

Dear Morris,
Can you help with the problem per record at...

Don't spend any time on this (except let me know if you at least get the message).

If you can get to information via this Web link that enables you to understand what is needed quickly, this may indicate a path to provide useful "business intelligence." The basic idea in 25 words or less is...

Anytime, Anywhere Intelligence

If you have time to respond, try the email link in the SDS record Web page, and let me know if you think is a good way to communicate?



Rod Welch