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November 30, 2000

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Mr. Jack Park
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Palo Alto, CA Zip

Subject:   Culture of Knowledge Requires Doing KM
3-layer Architecture for OHS/DKR
SDS Needs Navigation Ontology IBIS

Dear Jack,

Thanks very much for your letter today with ideas to improve SDS based on the 3-layer architecture you propose. Your work presents a number of questions which can lead to a better KM solution, along with work by Eric and others, as noted in my letter on November 2. In particular, your proposal for an "engine" in the background to handle subjects, and links sounds useful and ambitious.

Additionally, understanding correlations, implications and nuance is increased by using SDS to convert information into knowledge. Gaining experience with SDS fosters a culture of knowledge that transitions from sole reliance on information technology (e.g., email, wordprocessing, meetings, calls), discussed in another letter today. Experience doing KM on a daily basis, also, discloses key factors that lead to an effective balance between automating and aiding human thinking.

Thanks again for focusing on the big idea of transitioning to KM.



Rod Welch