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Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2000 16:07:58 -0800

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OHS DKR Project
SRI International
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Subject:   Alliance and Partners
OHS Start Narrow Design Objective

Dear Eric,

Responding to your letter today noting challenge of developing KM capability, you have the talent to create a KM platform. As an observer, my sense from your letter on October 17, 2000 is that you are covering too wide a sweep with the initial effort.

Forget about versionable, and the other ...ables for now. Start with just connecting stuff. Everything else will grow. Start with a general, basic platform that lets you add stuff. As you gain experience, you will discover what is needed. That is how I started in 1985. You are umpteen miles smarter and more talented, so you can grow your system faster, but you cannot grow it at all, if you don't get started using a new tool. In your case, I really feel it has to be of your own making, so use your experience with the outline project you did, but by all means get started.

Keep in mind the initial goal is to produce communication that links to the record, per Doug's request on 001025. That is a good place to start, if you don't start with SDS. Once you produce some work product, you will get suggestions from the team.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving.



Rod Welch