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Date: Wed, 08 Nov 2000 22:12:01 -0800

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Mr. Eric Armstrong
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Subject:   Creativity from Pattern Matching

Dear Eric,

Good stuff on creativity in your letter today.

Another angle that deserves attention is providing an environment to assemble the same information in different patterns of context. This might be an aspect of multiple views that Doug has discussed, but in any event, new ideas emerge from pattern recognition.

Important patterns are typically buried in the complexity of daily information that streams by sequentially, and so escape notice. Taking a moment to connect related context, enables the mind to grasp patterns of cause and effect. Doing this a lot, produces a web of connections that boggles the mind, for those who encounter only SDS work product, as you have noted; yet, the mechanics of creating connections and assembling chunks of stuff in alternate contexts may aid recognition of useful patterns, which some authorities call creativity.



Rod Welch