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October 5, 2000

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Mr. Henry van Eykan
Bootstrap Institute
6505 Kaiser Drive
Fremont, CA 94555

Subject:   OHS Making Good Progress

Dear Henry,

Thanks for your letter today, which relates issues in our discussion yesterday. Per your request, a few corrections are provided in my record. Please let me know if you have any questions on these matters.

Couple of quick points to summarize...

  1. Doug and SRI are working hard on a difficult project, as related by Eugene Kim in a letter to the team on September 29. Difficult projects require resources and leadership. As resources become available, a budget and schedule will expedite progress. In the meantime, there is no cause for alarm about progress on an OHS.

  2. A big task in the project schedule will be learning about knowledge management by performing KM, as Doug called out on March 26. There is no other way to acquire this knowledge, as we discussed yesterday.

  3. Doug's DKR team is ahead of other projects attempting to accomplish KM, since there is no evidence that other projects understand Knowledge Management, nor have a ready means at this time to acquire it, as SRI's top researcher on KM, Marcello Hoffman, noted in at meeting on April 6.

    You correctly conveyed in your letter today my summary explanation of KM as adding time management to information management. This is a simple way for people to grasp the challenge of augmenting human intelligence, based on the architecture of human thought, submitted on Septebmer 27. It provides a key conceptual framework to distinguish KM from what folks have been doing the past 30 years in Information Technology (IT), and for several thousand years manually, commonly called "documentation." The next step is changing the paradigm from documents to Knowledge Space.

  4. SDS is a personal and organizational knowledge capability, as set out in the record on September 26, and explained more fully in POIMS. Characterizations of SDS as a personal knowledge tool are incomplete.

    Doug's many years working on these issues, and the help of others can advance this capability under POIMS technology.

I greatly look forward to your visit next month, and will be pleased to show how SDS works, per your request on September 26. Hopefully, arrangements can be made for Doug and others on the team to see SDS, as well.



Rod Welch