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September 27, 2000

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Mr. Henry van Eykan
Bootstrap Institute
6505 Kaiser Drive
Fremont, CA 94555

Subject:   Education for Knowledge Management

Dear Henry,

Congratulations on an outstanding agenda for the colloquium you are planning for next year. Your focus on preparing young people for the new realities we are creating today, albeit unwittingly, offers the best hope for a secure future. Adding seasoned perspective and wisdom, as you propose, brings a crucial ingredient to the technological ether, perhaps in time to avoid innovating ourselves into ignorance.

Attention to the architecture of human thought, set out in your letter today, promises an educational experience to meet looming challenges, for young and old alike.

On August 24 Eric Armstrong reported that Doug proposes the Welch system to help build an OHS, which seems to align with your assessment. A follow up colloquium at Stanford could report results of research by Doug's team at SRI the past 8 months, and outline plans for the next phase of implementation. In any event, education remains the key to unleashing the power of Knowledge Management. I am very pleased that SDS has helped shed light on this urgent agenda, and for your generous comments supporting SDS. We need to work through how to make this more widely available, as you suggest.



Rod Welch