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June 29, 2000

04 00067 61 00062901

Mr. Jack Park
Street address
Palo Alto, CA Zip

Subject:   DKR Architecture, Jack Park

Dear Jack,

As we discussed Monday, your letter on June 23 makes a good start on an architecture, following notice on April 26, 2000 that this is an essential first step. Hope this gets the support it deserves to move forward. There's not a minute to waste. Look forward to getting your comments on initial review.

The letter to Mary Keeler on June 24, 2000 sets out an explanation of "knowledge" that may help focus on the opportunity at hand.

Cliff Joslyn has been contacted by someone else in the group about visiting with the team at SRI, per letter from him this afternoon.

He has 550 email after returning from vacation; so, I decided not to increase his burden with additional response at this time. He plans to follow up in the near term.



Rod Welch