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June 6, 2000

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Subject:   Ontology Support for GeneClinic

Congratulations for a well designed web site, and for your important work.

Your web site is cited in a study, or report, with the title Ontology Exchange Languages for Bioinformatics.

The report states in part...

The GeneClinics experiment (see ) illustrates this range of complexity among different ontologies. One of the first steps of the experiment was to augment the object oriented schema with a richer set of capabilities including disjunction, role restriction and other constraints. In the GeneClinics object database much of this information was in fact represented in the Java software interacting with the database but was hidden from the end user.

I cannot find "ontology" on your site, nor examples that illustrate application cited in the "Ontology Exchange..." information. Maybe there is another location that shows this, and there was an error in the web address.

Can you help? This is for research on using "ontologies" to enhance knowledge management.




Rod Welch