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June 5, 2000

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Eric Armstrong

Subject:   Editor Requirements v0.8, Data Structures

Dear Eric,

Thanks for keeping us posted on progress with requirements for v0.8, including new ideas for data structures.

The objective you mention for the editor to automatically incorporate changes using DDOM will save time. Another time saver might be to incorporate the changes in a new version, and explain what was done with anchors. This may not be practical at this stage, but another help is to provide section outline identification, e.g., section 1.2a; or 2.3.5 2, etc.

The data structures seem like requirements, and so I went ahead and incorporated them into that work, expanding v0.7. If there is another heading for this material other than Requirements, please let me know and we can jump it there.

The task you set to check data structures against Requirements might be accomplished by cross-linking, so that for every requirement that needs a data structure there is a link showing where that work is performed. For every data structure, there is a link showing the requirements to be met.

This same process can be used to expedite daily work, so that every element of the design, and later production (actually everything) is tracked as a separate history to maintain alignment of daily work with objectives, requirements, commitments, regulations, etc., and as a contextual history at any level of detail, lower or higher, as alluded in your letter on June 1, 2000 with updates for v0.7 of project requirements.



Rod Welch