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April 23, 2000

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Eric Armstrong

Subject:   Towards an Atomic Data Structure
Editor Spec Supports Intelligence

Dear Eric,

Good work in your report today on atomic data structures for the DKR editor.

It would be helpful to see a mock up and/or scenario of how this capability would be used to perform daily work, like write some code, conduct a meeting, make a phone call, read a book, design a computer chip, fix the car, go to the dentist, the normal activity people use "intelligence" to support in generating knowledge about the world that might be useful in a repository.

There has been consideration for the DKR team to create a tool to help software engineering. The things you describe today seem like they might be useful for that task, but also help other tasks, as well. Does this suggest that augmenting intelligence, which you mention elsewhere, provides an underlying capability that can help everyone do almost anything a little better?



Rod Welch