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Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000 16:11:17 -0700

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Eric Armstrong

Subject:   Project Meeting Agenda

Dear Eric,

Thanks for replying, and for the promotion. I am not in charge of anything, but am happy to contribute where possible and acceptable to the team. Sponsorship and business model relate to technical agenda with respect to selecting immediate targets for development that align with demand, which roughly and eventually correlates with actual need. We have to balance these issues, as discussed at the meeting on March 24, 2000.

The link to a "few items" lists 14 possible agenda issues for project meetings. The first sentence or so of each item is a sort of summary, but I agree some of the explanations are a bit lengthy.

Business model and sponsorship are items 10 and 14. The other 12 seem "technical," but maybe not. Sometimes it helps to talk a bit about writings. My number is 415 781 5700. I'll be here until OA 0800p, then will be at 925 680 8947. Give me a call, or let me know where I can reach you. Anyone on the team can help maintain project momentum with suggestions on agenda issues for the weekly progress meetings.

In any case, we should try to review with the team tomorrow possible agenda issues for the period ahead, and strive for consensus on what needs to get done over the next 3 to 4 weeks.



Rod Welch