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March 25, 2000

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Eric Armstrong

Subject:   OHS/DKR Meeting at SRI 000324

Dear Eric,

Here is a draft of discussion from the project launch meeting yesterday. Copies to Lee Iverson and Joe Williams provide an opportunity for corrections prior to full publication. Would like to get this to Mary Coppernoll on Monday for distribution to the team in preparing for the meeting next Wednesday. Typically it is helpful to get comments from one or two people to avoid any major omissions or errors. So, I have selected three (3) team members hoping to get at least one or two replies prior to early Monday morning.

After publication, further comments will be cited and linked to complete the record; so, if you don't have time to file prior to early Monday, you can still comment at any time to correct the record.

Note there are some names of attendees I did not get. If anyone knows those names, please submit.

Generally, to save time it is good practice to avoid clicking on a lot of links in the record on this task of providing feedback on errors and omissions. Links provide alignment for detailed research, when needed, after publication.

It isn't necessary to read the entire record. Headings in the summary and action items, are often adequate. The paragraph on Summary/Objective provides a more typical rendering for meetings.

Some people do not like detailed information on meetings. If there is concensus not to distribute the record, please let me know. This is just one way of approaching a touchy subject. Doug can provide guidance, when the record is submitted to Mary for distribution.




Rod Welch

Copy to:

  1. Lee Iverson, SRI
  2. Joe Williams