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Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2001 16:13:15 -0700

From:   Lee Iverson


Subject:   NODAL White Paper

I've finally completed the first draft of my white paper on the NODAL system. I'm ready to release it for comment, but not general attribution. General discussion is appropriate for the unrev-ii list, but direct any specific comments to me ( or the NODAL discussion list at

The white paper can be accessed at:

[Includes papers on Ubiquitous Collaboration and on the NODAL system.]

Hope this kickstarts something.


Lee Iverson
SRI International

NODAL: A Network-Oriented Document Abstraction Language Original Source

NODAL: A Network-Oriented Document Abstraction Language

Lee Iverson
SRI International

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Last modified: Wed Jun 20 15:00:52 2001

A New Model for Collaborative Work

NODAL (Network-Oriented Document Abstraction Language) is a proposal for a new infrastructure and model for building collaborative applications. The two documents below represent a high level description (the white paper) and more detailed discussion of some of the API building blocks for the system.

Please feel free to comment on the documents, implications etc. Specific comments should be sent directly to me, while general discussion can be sent to one of the the NODAL mailing list at <>. We will be setting up a SourceForge site soon.

Thanks to Doug Engelbart, Eric Armstrong, Eugene Kim, Jack Park, and everyone else who has been participating in the OHS discussions both at SRI and online. I hope I've done justice to the ideas that have been distributed in those forums.