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Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 12:08:36 -0500

From:   Jack Park
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To:     unrev-II@yahoogroups.com,

Subject:   Update on jpOHS


The project continues. The spirit of the project rests on the notion that it is time for many to build variants of an OHS, so that we will have lots to compare and discuss once a "real" OHS gets off the ground.

My version holds everything to be part of an OHS. But, I separate out the three categories as described by Lee Iverson:

Context -- user stuff Content -- raw data Knowledge -- ontologies, etc

I have combined Content and Knowledge into what I call the DKR: dynamic because everything (in my version) is represented internally as topic maps in a relational database.

InContext, there exists a Topic Maps tab, an IBIS tab, and an SDS tab. Later, there will be TSC, Augment, etc, tabs.

The common interlingua between Context and DKR is XML messages, with the "cargo" written in XTM format.

Context, called client, talks to a DKR server, which couples client to jLinda4, a Linda-like coordination system. From there, DKR, which is also a jLinda4 client, process persistence and knowledge issues. By coordinating with jLinda4, the system can accept many clients, and many DKR servers. In some sense, jLinda4 becomes a kind of Von Neumann bottleneck. Film at 11...on that one:-)

Progress to date: got client and server to talk to jLinda4. Client and server (prior to addition of jLinda4) already could manipulate topic maps: display them, create and edit them, and delete them from the database. Now, to get the tuples working!

It is my hope that others will begin hacking their own rendition of an OHS as soon as possible.



Jack Park