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Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2000 19:24:40 -0800

From:   Nicholas Carroll
Reply-To: ohs-dev@bootstrap.org
Organization: Hastings Research

To:     ohs-dev@bootstrap.org

Subject:   Doug would like to get going on use cases

Doug asked me to come up with a format for Hyperscope use cases, so we all have a standardized way to post, read, and comment on them. There are plenty of use cases in OHS developer's heads or hard drives, but we're not going to get far until they're organized and viewable.

Some obvious requirements for any format would be that:

  1. It has spaces for:

    Category of use case
    Use case
    Version (original use case, or comment on one)
    Links to images, diagrams, pseudocode, and code

  2. Can be sorted/organized, since there will doubtless be several people contributing, and consequently may be hundreds of use cases posted, many overlapping or redundant. (I have no plans to organize several hundred use cases written in different formats.)

  3. Already-written use cases -- I believe Eugene, Eric, and maybe Jack already have some done -- can be stripped in easily.

Any suggestions for a simple format?

(I have one that I've used for inhouse projects, which has the benefit of being in plain text record format, and has space for specs from code up to user requirements. But I haven't looked around much for others.)

btw, I don't think we want to get into UML at this time. Wiki doesn't grab me too much either. Don't know if SourceForge has tools for use cases, but it's ssh only, which would lock the less technical people out of the process.


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