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Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2000 14:51:22 GMT

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Subject:   OHS Overview

After long phone calls across the Atlantic and mainland USA I'd like to draw your attention to:

Especially the introduction, which has been made as clear as I am capable and Doug is patient.

Hope you like it, and PLEASE comment where you see the obvious deficiencies.


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Purpose And Overview:

The purpose of OHS ( Open Hyperdocument System ) is to support the collective intelligence of an organization, community, or nation. It is a critical part of the Tool System: The tool system is the hardware & software of networked computers as well as the more traditional tools.[Image]

Complementary to the tool system is the Human System: The human system comprises the other factors in the work environment; skills, knowledge, procedures, methods, attitudes, language & vocabulary, customs, prevailing paradigms etc. through which people work. It is the way of operating, the way things are done and the way people are looking at the world.[Image]

Together they form an Augmentation Environment . [Image]

Supporting, educating, enculturating, building and using the OHS is The Bootstrapping Community. The Bootstrapping Community is both an internal core support group and people in the participating organizations.[Image]

Improving The Capability Infrastructure:

The collective IQ of an organization is realized through its capability infrastructures; the infrastructures through which an organization get things done.[Image]

This capability infrastructure comprises a tool system and a human system.[Image]

In OHS terms, the Capability Infrastructure has three levels: A, B & C:[Image]

A is the core business activity (selling books fx).[Image]

B is the systems which improve A (email, inventory management systems etc.). This is the organizations nervous system.[Image]

C is the activity of improving B, in order to reach a more effective A. C is not easy or cost effective to do alone. In todays environment it is very difficult for individual organizations to contribute to C without spending large sums of money on proprietary solutions to solve very specific problems. If the organization want to improve on bought software, they cannot, even if they have spent millions on the software.[Image]

Improving The Improvement Infrastructure:

To keep improving we need to design evolution into the system of improvement itself: To get maximum return on the investment of improvement we need to use the capability infrastructures to perpetually develop better capability infrastructures, in effect pulling us up by our bootstraps.[Image]

The Problem:

The real challenge is to get the evolutionary environment going to keep up the the pervasive (it's occurring everywhere, at every level and with every aspect of the organization) rate (it's happening faster and faster) and scale (it's big) of change.[Image]

The OHS project will deliver and continue to support & develop the initial core software and support the building of improvement communities which will reap the benefit from and contribute to the bootstrapping process of continually building the OHS environment.[Image]

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