Adam Cheyer

Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2000 20:55:17 -0500

From:   Adam Cheyer


Subject:   Tuesday's meeting

[Responding to Eric's letter today on defining OHS and DKR...]

Just for fun, I called Doug to see if he could shed light on the definitions of these terms. Here's what I got:


The knowledge container. No one says it has to be a file, any container.

Dynamic Knowledge Repository:

The handbook, the conversations and annotations, the contents. Dynamically up to date representing the state of the repository. If you want more depth, you can trace back and find the evolution of that in the record.


A toolset with the structure and properties of the knowledge containers plus the functions that you can execute on them, including viewing, traveling, linking, editing, etc. Includes auxilliary languages, compilers, tools, user interface. Does not include the contents of documents itself, only how you structure and operate on them."


Part of the OHS, that you can implement early and get immediate utility in the context of legacy files. As it evolves to add more features (e.g. backlinking, editing), it becomes a bigger part of the OHS.

OHS to me now seems almost like the term "MS Windows", which contains the operating system, the look and feel, the philosophy, as well as a set of included tools such as the web browser or media player. But it appears OHS does not represent the content of the knowledge repository or containers (documents).

Doug was thrilled to be asked about it and was happy that we are having dialogs about this because he emphasized how working through terms is an essential part of cooperative knowledge work.


-- Adam

Adam Cheyer

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