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Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2000 14:05:59 -0800

From:   Eric Armstrong>

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Subject:   Preliminary Meeting with Ken Holman

Several of us had a chance to meet with Ken Holman over the weekend. He was brought to the party by John Deneen, and he was quite happy to meet Doug. He very much wants to make whatever contribution he can, which pretty much makes him "one of the team".

Ken is very knowledgable about XML and related disciplines. And he is, or has been, very active at OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards). He is looking forward to helping us define an interchange standard, and shepard it through the various committees, and so on.

He also has a remarkable flair for design. He picked up a rough sense of what we were about in fairly short order, and began making insightful observations based on his past design experience.

Here are some of the technical points he developed during the meeting...

XML Basics

Design Principles

OHS Design

Topic Maps

Ken also talked about topic maps for a bit. (Although I have yet to "get" them, Ken was very big on them, and mentioned Jack Park's advocacy several times in this context.)

What I gleaned from our short forays into the subject was:


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