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Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2000 08:48:03 -0400

From:   Paul Fernhout
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To:     unrev-II@egroups.com

Subject:   Architectural Snag

Eric Armstrong wrote [in a letter on October 18, 2000...]

Some possiblities for resolving the dilemma include:

Moving in that direction would be my first choice.

But that's somewhat like the way the Pointrel Data Repository System is set up, so I am biased. For example, the Pointrel Data Repository System has one type of object -- a node which can link up to three things, and which for efficiency can also include a binary string.

Then one builds more complex systems on top of this sort of infrastructure.

Versioning is handled in various ways -- one is simply a list of versions attached to a node representing the abstraction. The sample included with the Squeak version of the Pointrel Data Repository System includes a versioning system for hierarchical tree data.

One has to accept that the architecture will change over time. It is better to have a flexible substrate.

Yes adhoc programming errors will happen. They can be also be fixed in an adhoc way, or by rolling back the repoitory, or by cloning it.


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