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Date: Thu, 05 Oct 2000 08:13:44 -0400

Mr. Rod Welch
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Subject:   KM Education


Sorry, I got a little distracted during the last part of our conversation [yesterday]. Somebody walked into my room and waited a bit impatiently.

I take it from what you said that not all is well with the OHS development. On the one hand things are moving rapidly toward us having a prototype OHS, on the other it is not a true KM tool.

I also understand from a previous email item that you and Doug conversed about building an OHS around the SDS, to take SDS, I presume, from a personal KM tool to a shared KM tool. Please, correct me if I am wrong about any of this.

You also differentiated between KM and info mgt that roughly went as follows: info mgt + time mgt --> KM. It prompted me to look elsewhere and found another differentiation between info and knowledge in the sense that knowledge is info mentally grasped (my poor phrasing). That I believe came from...

Then, turning to...

I get:

Knowledge Management - Defined: "Leveraging collective wisdom to increase responsiveness and innovation."

This looks like Doug's.

As a teacher, I was nourished on Bloom's Taxonomy of the Cognitive Domain, which goes back a long, long time and in which I am not altogether a true believer.

Frankly, I tended to judge SDS more by the demonstration of its powers you have given a few times than by any definition.

From your querying, however, it is my sense that we would do well to describe on the Bootstrap website what various people mean by KM, etc.

I was alarmed by your comment that as far as KM is concerned, the OHS team (is it a team?) is not getting anywhere fast.

As a teacher (former, anyway) and webmaster/editor of the Bootstrap site, I am concerned about too many things not hanging together very well - to put it mildly. My sentiment is to try to come to grips with all that during a stay in California next month. I wonder how long a stay I should be planning for to make it truly effective. I certainly hope for a good, informative session with you.

You mentioned your willingness to take time out to demo your system to me. Might it be more effective to demo it to a few people at the sme time, notably also to Doug, Eugene, and Nicholas. I am not trying not to be exclusive here, but here are some people I work with and a common understanding is desirable.

I hope these jottings do not the same as yesterday's tel. chat did, i.e. to leave the thread a little frayed at the end.



Henry van Eyken