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Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 08:39:50 -0700 (PDT)

From:   Eugene Eric Kim


Re:   Quiet?

On Wed, 27 Sep 2000, Grant Bowman wrote:

What's the scoop elsewhere? Do we have tons of funding yet through SRI?

There has been a lot of stuff going on. I'm going to send a more detailed e-mail within the next few days, but I'll throw out a couple of things real quickly:

- Design. There were several one-on-one design discussions, which I think was very valuable for everyone involved. I know these conversations helped me tremendously in understanding the system, and I hope the written documents pending from our discussions will help everyone. One document has already been produced -- Eric's on e-mail's deficiencies -- and it's a doozy.

- a2h. After getting a great kickstart from Shinya and Grant, we developed a working a2h (Augment->HTML) script. This is helpful on two levels. On one level, Doug will be able to dump old Augment design notes and source code onto the Web for all to enjoy. He'll also be able to generate new notes and comments from Augment, and have them dumped onto the Web automatically. Look for this starting next week. On another level, as it turns out, a lot of the pending work on this system can be used as the basis for the system at large. More on that later.

- Funding. We've gotten very strong feedback from DARPA and NIH, and are in the process of developing formal proposals. We'll know more within the next few weeks.

One of the previous problems we had was that the group did not have a common picture of what we're trying to achieve. This was the reason we split off into smaller sessions in the first place -- to work out these issues once and for all. I think we've accomplished this, but our next challenge is to disseminate this information to the rest of the group.

Obviously, before this happens and everyone has a clear picture of our objectives and what the system is going to look like, it makes it difficult to start contributing. However, if you're just rarin' to go, I'd encourage you to push the issue, and start asking questions about the system or a piece of the system, rather than wait for someone to decree what you should be doing. We started having some of these discussions several months ago regarding categorization, the hyperdocument, and other important issues, but they died relatively quickly. All of these are vital things to work out, and so if you're looking for things to start working on, start with those.

So much for a brief note. :-)



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