Eric Armstrong

Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2000 18:20:13 -0700

From:   Eric Armstrong


Subject:   Oughta be a Law and User Friendliness

Hey, Rod.

Good to hear from you. I see you responded with a link! :_)

Basically, that message was just to goose you. Now that most email systems support email, I wonder if your system could send a copy of the web page you generate, instead of a link to it. That way, I'd be able to see the general outline of your thoughts without taking an extra link to do it.

A review of action items would be a great idea. I'm not sure what action items are, at this point, other than my own, which have been languishing for lack of time and meetings. (Oddly enough, while meetings waste time, they are also important to keep one's commitments "on the front burner". Otherwise, they all to easily slip, as I have recently come to realize.)


I've been catching up on my newspaper reading. I saw something in the Merc from a week or so ago -- it seems that Stanford has come into some $5m plus in government funding -- and


$2.2 million of it went to some group that aims to turn the Web into a "Global InfoBase".

I don't know who those folks are, but I would sure like to see the proposal they wrote.


Eric Armstrong