Joe Williams

Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2000 13:41:46 -0700 (PDT)

From:   Joe Williams



Re:   [unrev-II] OHS Marketing Sheet


Why not use WIki as the base for this?

OHS IS Better because it leverages years of Doug's augment experience into a package allowing universal use on WWW. Uses for hyperdocuments in the processing of knowledege for solving big problems envisioned and implemented by Doug's projects in experimental form can now be developed for widespread use.

First, it is open source open standard human tools computer tools coevolution unfinished revolution augmentation of adaptive interactive WWW interface. OHS is human optimized knowledge doman management web interface, scalable from use as a personal organizer to serving as a highly collaborative long-lived distributed shared repository for work on urgent problems that face mankind.

To me, this means OHS uses open standards/recommendations having open implementations. OHS development uses all that is appropriate and pushes that envelope. Where OHS feature implementations use non-standardized extensions or interfaces for the purpose of creating a feature not otherwise possible, OHS will cooperate with appropriate standards bodies for release to the WWW community.

I also have some words at

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