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Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2000 17:02:15 -0500

From:   Bill Bearden


Subject:   Glossary - just breaking the ice on this task

Unfinished Revolution -

The advance of computing technology has caused a revolution in the way we conduct our lives. But an important part of this revolution is not yet complete.

Complex Problems -

Hunger, the environment, uneven distribution of wealth, are all examples of complex, global problems. Increasing humanity's capacity to solve complex, global problems is itself a complex problem.

Bootstrap Institute -

Douglas Engelbart's not-for-profit organization whose goal is to increase humanity's capability to solve complex, global problems with the aid of computer technology.

Human System -

People, their organizations and natural capabilities.

Tool System -

People's technology. For example, the telephone.

Co-Evolution - Evolution in sync -

This is the idea that it does no good for Tool System to advance to the point that people can't use them. Tool Systems must advance in sync with the evolution of Human Systems. The Frontier

Capabilities Infrastructure -

Every capability is dependent on other capabilities. An example of this is: humanity's ability to feed itself is currently dependent on its ability to produce chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

A Activities -

The basic function of an organization

B Activities -

Activities that attempt to improve on the basic function of an organization (See A Activities)

C Activities -

Activities that attempt to improve the improvement process (see B Activities)

Bootstrapping -

The idea that improving a capability on which other capabilities depend automatically improves the dependent capabilities

Bootstrapping Index

Colloquium -

A series of lectures and discussions held at Stanford University from 1/6/2000 to 3/9/2000.

DKR - Dynamic Knowledge Repository -

The development of a DKR is the goal


Concurrent Development, Integration, and Application of Knowledge - The DKR enables this

OHS - Open Hyperdocument System -

A capability on which the DKR capability depends

Collective IQ

Intelligence System -

Recorded Dialog + External Intelligence + Knowledge Product -- The Intelligence System is one model of the high level architecture of a DKR

NIC - Network Improvement Communities -

An organization made up of dispersed people whose goal is to improve some process

Meta-NIC -

A NIC whose goal is to improve the processes of other NICs


High Performance Augmented Teams

XML - Extensible Markup Language -

A simpler form of SGML being developed (along with a dozen other closely-related technologies) at the WWW Consortium.

Augment/NLS -

A system developed by a team lead by Douglas Engelbart

Data -

Numbers quantifying something. For example, "It hit 85 degrees outside today."

Information -

Data interpreted in the context of other data. For example, "85 degrees is 5 degrees hotter than the average for today."

Knowledge -

Information, interpreted over time, that yields cause and effect guidelines for future events. For example, "In this area, a 5 degree increase in average temperature causes a 10% decrease in corn yields."

Knowledge Container

Ontology -

A system of concepts and relationships that can be used to encode a piece of knowledge


Concept Graph


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