Joe Williams


Date: Wed, 10 May 2000 00:32:17 -0700 (PDT)

From:   Joe Williams


Subject:   Other Concepts

Before closing down the shop for tonite, I have been reflection upon two important concepts that may be related to this project.

First, from news about the WWW, realize that NAPSTER is really a distributed dynamic media repository. Although I am not using this directly, I finally took some time to figure out how it works. Basically a centralized index of media elements with some sort of linkages to individual machines whare the target information items are stored.

Second, on reading and thinking about the future of games and the game training we all get over outr lifetime, the idea of casting the DKR/OHS as capable of continious play by multiple collaborators with the purpose of 'winning' some prize. In this case, the prize is won when sufficient knowledge is accumulated and mastered to provide a solution to some problem.

Finally, last week Doug said that at some point one grant proposal was rejected because the concept of Knowledge was not defined sufficiently for the reviewers. Let's work a bit on this.

My exposure to this program and the rest of my results-oriented life has led me to the definition that Knowledge comprises the facts, principles, and maybe intuition when you can't exactly nail down the analytical process, that you use as a basis for taking some action to achieve a goal or solve a problem. This is why the representation has a Goal or Problem to focus the evolution of Data/Information to WIsdom, where Wisdom represents an action taken based on the Knowledge.

Best Regards and I hope to see you all Thurday,



Joe Williams