Eric Armstrong


Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2000 21:59:46 -0700

From:   Eric Armstrong

To:     unrev2

Subject:   License Model: Preliminary Suggestion


If there is a revenue stream, and the software plays a part in producing it, we want some.

For everyone else, the software is freely available.

Who Gets it for Free

Who Pays

A First Cut at Some Text

This software may be freely copied and distributed, provided that this license remains intact, with one exception: No for-profit corporation that is currently operating "in the black" shall use this software as part of their normal business operations without paying us a negotiated license fee for the privilege.

Pricing Structure

Number of "knowledge workers" in the company (defined as number of employees minus blue collar workers and clerical workers) who have access to the system, times some reasonable "per seat" usage fee. (A yearly license, where the first 5 or 10 years may be fixed at some negotiated rate, in return for a commitment to renew the license each year for that period of time, plus a discount pricing structure for payment in advance.)


Eric Armstrong