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Date: 27 Mar 2000 21:01 PST

From:   Doug Engelbart -
Bootstrap Institute

To:     Eric Armstrong

Subject:   Some background OHS-reference links

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The larger-scope OHS concepts have been evolving for almost thirty years -- e.g. the description of essentially a Dynamic Knowledge Repository in the '72 paper, "Coordinated Information Services for a Discipline- or Mission-Oriented Community." Already very apparent that "community" augmenation was to be of central importance.

Besides the twenty-five-year sequence of NLS/AUGMENT developer/application teams, probably the first "other OHS team" was inside McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Co. in mid '80s. We formulated plans for interlinking all the planning, design, manufacturing and field-support documents -- even including the CAD-system models. And then there was another group in later '80s involving people from other companies, like HP and Apple.

These two experiences brought home the realizaion that the challenge was much bigger than any one company or product line. Actually, these experiences were a big part of the reason for me to pull out of MDC in '89 and team up with Chistina and her husband Howard to start the Bootstrap Institute.

Early BI activity involved producing a series of 3-day professional seminars, in which the concepts were further developed -- and led to the two publications listed here, both of which are transported onto our Web site:

"Knowledge-Domain Interoperability and an Open Hyperdocument System," 1990

"Toward High-Performance Organizations: A Strategic Role for Groupware", 1992::

Including: OHS Candidate-Feature List::

Then later, John Rothermell, a lead software engineer with TRW in Sunnyvale, wangled a couple of months to do a study of AUGMENT potential for supporting software engineering -- his OHS Technology Evaluation (OHSTE) Project. He dug back into detailed records of documents/email for the planning, design, implementation and field support of a completed software project; moved representative material into an AUGMENT environment, and did detailed assesments of the findings. This was early in the WWW emergence.

His OHSTE Final Report

His AUGMENT Differentiators

His AUGMENT Comparison Categories

And then, between '97 and '99 a small team of us rephrased the challenge as development of a "Technology Template Project, OHS Framework" and produced several interesting papers.

A summary paper::

NOTE: You might experiment with the little links ("Outline 1 | 2 | 3 | 4|

All |" at the top of the page.

And a page providing summary notes and links to many relevant papers -- including those cited here::>

And to round it out, you will find web-accessible refs to other of the key papers beginning with "the conceptual launcher" in 1962 -- at::

It's a thrill to have another active team. The general environment has changed dramatically; I think it's time we might see a launch "into orbit."


Bootstrap Institute


Doug Engelbart -

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