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Date: 27 Mar 2000 11:37 PST

Mr. Rod Welch
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Subject:   Back to RodW re: Meeting on March 24


Some corrections:

At 350953: The speaker was Michael Harte, Vice President, Information Systems and Strategy, CitiGroup (who own CitiBank).

Several places: Marcelo Hoffmann wasn't at the meeting -- instead, on a business trip to Wash. D.C.

WBI, discussed in Session 4, slides 49-59 by Jim Spohrer of IBM. Not itself related to XML; an "intermediary server" which plays a special processing role: relaying, translating, re-formatting, .....

"Investors/sponsors" -- We're not looking to start a business,so "investor" may not be an appropriate term. "Sponsor" is appropriate; also "Participating" organizations -- participating in NICs.

More like consortia pooling resources. End-user orgs "investing" in improvements they want; adding to the evolutionary momentum.

Related to this: the Open-Source approach needs to be discussed in our group; a number of different conventions and licensing arrangements have been used; we need advice.

----- getting too deep ------

Huge set of notes there, Rod. Too much for me to cope with now.

But raises issues in itself about how the OHS team's evolving DKR interacts with "your DKR" -- and others.


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