Colloquium at Stanford
The Unfinished Revolution


Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2000 09:21:36 -0600 (EST)

From:   Jon Winters


Subject:   Executive initiative

Being one of the younger participants I'm a little puzzled about the usefulness of retired executives. (there may be a few who can help, don't get me wrong)

It has been my experience that executives don't understand technology and they are very much in favor of old paradigms and the status quo.

Look at all the success stories that have been started by teens or young adults... Linux, Yahoo, Amp, Napster and countless others.

The other day driving to work there was a story on NPR about a high school freshman who was rejected when he wanted to take an advanced math course. He used the spare time to write a program that would let you use popular internet search engines anonymously. He sold the program for 1.5 million. This kid can't even buy beer yet.

How can we find ways to get young people interested in our projects?


Jon Winters

"Everybody loves the GIMP!"