Colloquium at Stanford
The Unfinished Revolution


Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 12:47:27 -0800

From:   Ron Goldman


Subject:   Let's not reinvent things

As discussion moves into particulars of how a DKR or OHS should be built, I think we might all benefit by actually reading some of the papers that Doug has written about those very details. After all he has given it some thought....

In particular two links on the Bootstrap Alliance web site:

an Overview of OHS with pointers to important papers:

and a list of links to other papers by Doug:

We should certainly all read over the 1998 "OHS Framework" document and the two papers from 1984: "Authorship Provisions in Augment" & "Collaboration Provisions in Augment".



Ron Goldman

Post Script

And then maybe some of the other folks who are subscribed to this list might care to comment on things? It would be nice to hear from some others what their take on all of this is & why they are personally taking the time to participate.