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July 24, 1998                                           04 00065 61 98072301

Mr. Thompson F. Keesling, Architect
Assistant Chief
Construction Operations Division
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
San Francisco District
333 Market Street; Room 806A
San Francisco, CA  94105 1905

Subject:  Communication Metrics
                 Management Program Planning

Dear Tom,
The notes of our discussion today have links to sources on the matters we discussed, including analysis of the PMBOK and ISO 10006, which is the ISO criteria for Project Management. Sources on PM training and related background are provided. I will let Bill DeHart know about your interest in PMI training.

Incidentally you too can send email with links to source material from the Communicaiton Metrics Web site. It is tedious to enter the specification without the SDS program, but it is straight forward. I will send you a sample using your letterhead.



Rod Welch