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October 19, 1997                                          04 00065 97101901

Jim Jones 
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
20 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W.
Washington D.C, 20314-1000

Subject:  Communication Metrics Cost Savings
                CEMP Evaluation, CESPN Report Oct 7, 1997


  1. Telecon Jim/Rod Oct 17, 1997
  2. Telecon Moonja/Rod Oct 16, 1997
  3. Welch letter to Jim Oct 15, 1997
  4. Welch letter to Jim Aug 15, 1997

Dear Jim,

Thanks very much for discussing today the opportunity to reduce costs and improve capability using Communication Metrics, ref a. I look forward to your comments on refining the calculation to quantify rework caused by new realities of the Information Age, and organization changes occurring at USACE. I called Mike Grebinski, Friday afternoon, but missed him, as noted in the record.

Review of Communication Metrics may fall within CEMP-E Missions and Functions to study field operations to implement policy, goals and reduce costs. As you recall, Max Blodgett, CESPN-CO, recognized Communication Metrics supports more rigorous application of the CCA guide, ref d. The same result can be achieved for other criteria, e.g., FAR regulations, which are otherwise difficult to align with daily activity due to the complexity of the record and pace of the work. Given the central role of communication in organizational activity, adding a "metric" helps performance at every level.



Rod Welch

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  1. Tom Keesling, CESPN-PPM