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January 8, 1997

04 00065 97010801

Mr. Max R. Blodgett, II, P.E., L.S.
Chief, Construction Operations Division
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
San Francisco District
333 Market Street; Room 806A
San Francisco, CA 94105 1905

Subject:   Communication Metrics Applications


  1. Meetings with COE on Jan 8, 1997
  2. Welch letter dated Jan 7, 1997
  3. Meeting with Tom Keesling Dec 20, 1996
  4. Meeting Max/Rod Dec 6, 1996

Dear Max,

This sets a framework for using Communication Metrics in the District as you requested on Dec 6, ref d, and discussed further today, ref a. Marcus Tikotsky mentioned in the late afternoon that the procurement you approved on Dec 6, would meet FAR requirements if it is prepared in a different manner, as intended by him and Tom Benero prior to them leaving on Christmas vacation. This may be worth exploring with Tom Benero and counsel with respect to District objectives.

The plan developed with Tom Keesling on Dec 20 is to first fund continuity of Communication Metrics support for the Oakland Harbor project over the next four (4) months in order to mitigate government exposure from contractor claims, as recommended by Jim Stout on Oct 15, 1996.

Second, COE advertise in January (this month) for competitive pricing of Communication Metrics support and determine within FAR requirements sole source status of the Welch Company. Third, during this period, COE would evaluate a program to use Communication Metrics for following needs:

  1. Oakland Harbor Project, for period Apr - Nov 1997

    This could include a component to provide on-site admin support for the Oakland Project Office, per discussion with Max on Dec 19, 1996 re the need for increased staffing.

    Apart from routine Contract Administration, professional claim support and now the prospect of managing a contractor in chapter 11 status is needed. Communication Metrics can show COE acted timely and correctly to mitigate damage under high risk conditions.

  2. Port of Richmond

    Engineering and spec review Bid and Award of Contract Contract Launch Contract Administration for project duration

  3. Integrate Communication Metrics and COE Contract Admin, with Resident Management System (RMS)

    1. Review current Procedures and Structure (Contr Admin manual)

    2. Evaluate COE Automated Systems, including RMS, and SDS

      Coordinate with Tom Keesling's new assignment, per meeting with Tom and Max on Dec 6, 1996

    3. Develop Common Procedures and Automation Requirements

    4. Develop Implementation Plan and Schedule

      Includes hardware and OS assessment, procurement schedule.

    5. COE Accept Plan or Revise

  4. Support Implementation of Contract Administration Integrated with Communication Metrics under plan in item 3.

  5. Environmental Management, cited by DE during meeting Nov 18, 1996

    1. Determine Objectives
    2. Evaluate System
    3. Develop Plan
    4. COE Approve/Revise Plan
    5. Implement Plan

  6. GIS Integrated with SDS Diary and Subject Index

    This goal was cited by Max during a meeting on Oct 11, 1996, and discussed a few weeks ago with Tom Keesling, where he indicated that Mike Murphy is working on it.

  7. COE SFD Automated Systems Implementation during 1997

    Tom Keesling has suggested that Communication Metrics might be useful in performing his new assignment. He has also suggested that Communication Metrics could be a support component to accomplish SFD's goal to implement following systems:

    • CEFMS
    • Project Plan
    • POMIS
    • RMS
    • Communication Metrics

    Preliminary review of RMS indicates it is a document management system that will require immediate research and planning to reach District goals to implement by June 1997. Communication Metrics is ideally suited to provide meaningful research and support planning and task management.

This agenda warrants careful analysis and dedicated attention, as intended by Tom Keesling's new assignment. You raised today the idea of Communication Metrics support for the RE office so it could be used on all projects at the RE's discretion. That could be accomplished under a separate procurement, or it could be part of item 3, to integrate Communication Metrics with COE Contract Administration procedures.



Rod Welch

Copy to:

  1. Tom Keesling