Mr. William A. Benkavitch
19 Waleship Plaza
San Francisco, CA 94111

January 21, 1997

Mr. Rod Welch
The Welch Company
440 Davis Court #1602
San Francisco, CA  94111 2496

Subject:  Communication Metrics for Corps of Engineers
                Scope of Services
Dear Rod,

Overall, this draft has more details which should enable the COE to go forward with a contact specification. Without knowing their specific format, I cannot tell how much of the details they would use. For example, the hours of work discussions may be rolled up into the cost estimate sheet by labor catagory.

I see that there are three labor catagories of "professional communication specialists" vs. four in the draft you gave me Wednesday. The Leadership Aide is gone. Does this mean that the Communication Manager (CM) is also the person in charge. I liked the idea of having a person in charge, as a Communications Director (CD). For example, if this were you, you would spend perhaps 20% of your time with the client, 30% with the CM and Communication Agent (CA) and 50% on product development and marketing and other senior management duties.

If this scope of service goes any further with COE and you get a chance to review and comment on their piece of paper, I'd be willing to assist if you think I can help.