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CESPN-DE(Thompson)                                 April 22, 1997



Subject:  District Automation and Project Management
1. References:

  1. DE memo received Apr 22, 1997
  2. Luster presentation Apr 17, 1997
  3. COMBASE letter Apr 10, 1997, with attachments (Paragon)
  4. Richmond AE Scope of Services Task Order 1
  5. Richmond AE Scope of Services Task Order 2
  6. Richmond Construction Launch Schedule, Apr 4, 1997
  7. Communication Metrics Evaluation, March 28, 1997

2. Per your request at ref a, I recommend using Luster to

perform Task Order 1 on Richmond, ref d, and using the Welch

Company to provide Communication Metrics for Task Order 2 and

District wide management support.

3. You have set the following objectives and have assigned me to

support them, as follows:

  1. Implement automated management systems mandated by HQ:

    CEFMS, PROMIS, RMS, Open Plan

  2. Develop procedures to implement Project Management in the District according to regulations and HQ policies (see prototype ref f)

  3. Provide Project Manager support for Richmond.

  4. ...

  5. ...

These goals and assignments can significantly improve our

management. They require timely, effective communication support

to be successful.

4. Luster's presentation on Apr 17, and its submissions dated

Apr 10 (ref b and c), appear to duplicate document control

provided by RMS. There was nothing presented on how Paragon

might supplement RMS. I asked during the presentation if Paragon

can assemble information for decision support, as for example to

respond to a letter. We were told it cannot do this. Task Order

1 on Richmond requires the AE to provide inspection services and

support RMS. The RMS support specifies deliverables that will

aid us in developing RMS implementation, including support for

Contract Administration. I recommend we hold to this scope.

5. At this time, we need to research how RMS is used elsewhere

in order to develop a sound plan for effective implementation.

The Construction Launch Schedule was reviewed on Apr 4 by the

Richmond Project Team, and RMS research was set as a priority,

ref f. Limited staff have so far precluded this research from


6. I recommend that we expedite Task Order 1 so Luster can

provide this support, including review of the Construction

Contract Administration (CCA) Guide, and to produce a report on

how RMS implements the Guide.

7. CON OPS, CSB and PPMD have evaluated Communication Metrics

and recommend use in the District, ref g. Welch has demonstrated

the ability to perform and has shown diligence needed to meet

close-order scheduling made necessary by RMS implementation.

8. I have discussed with Luster hiring Welch to provide

Communication Metrics under Task Order 2. This will provide a

link between PPM and the project through the SDS diary to

implement our ideas; it brings accountability and essential

feedback. Our team has found it is effective, ref g appendix a.

9. I recommend a CBD procurement, per your comments in December,

for Communication Metrics based on ref g to support District

implementation of automated management and to develop our Project

Management procedures. A prototype of the deliverable is the

Construction Launch Schedule for Richmond, ref f (see WBS scope

descriptions beginning on page 5). This contract would also

provide our Legal Division with support on Oakland. Herb Cheong

requests in a memo dated Apr 7, 1997 that he would like this

support for weekly IPR meetings with the Port of Oakland. Recent

changes in information flows for CON OPS into geographic regions

requires communication support. Expansion of the Construction

Services Branch also needs support (see para 5). Accordingly, a

District Communication Metrics program seems best suited to

accomplish these goals.

10. The procurement period will provide time to assess Luster's

ability to perform related tasks on Richmond. They can compete

along with Welch and others for a Communication Metrics contract

which would likely be awarded in late September. In the

meantime, Task Order 2 for Richmond can be performed by Welch to

provide bridge support.

Thompson F. Keesling Program Project Management