February 25, 1999



SUBJECT: Communication Metrics Procurement

  1. References

    1. Meeting Blodgett and DDE on Feb 24, 1999
    2. Budget Analysis S&A, S&I, Feb 25, 1999
    3. District reports (Scope of Services) Mar 28, 1997 and Oct 7, 1997
    4. District Counsel report, Comm Metrics, Oct 22, 1998
    5. HQUSACE report on Comm Metrics, Jan 6, 1999

  2. CON OPS needs management support for projects and other operations. FY99 FY00 show S&A of approximately $3M, which exceeds our current strength. Efforts are underway to increase staff, but the time table is uncertain, and experience shows that implementing new OP plans over the next year will drain internal resources.

  3. Communication Metrics is a management method to align our work with requirements and ensure timely action. We used this in 1996 and it was effective, ref c. District Counsel recommends it be used; and reports it saved the government $200K, ref d. Implementation on the Internet increases savings by reducing paper handling. HQUSACE reported recently this improves CE management. ref e.

    CON OPS budget for projects shows funding is available within prescribed parameters, ref b. DDE reviewed this initiative on Jan 24, 1999, ref a.

  4. I recommend approval for CON OPS to contract for Communication Metrics.

Max Blodgett