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February 9, 1995

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Mr. Christopher A. Snyder, P.E., PMP
Pacific Gas & Electric Company
Grid Maintenance System
Project Management Substation Engineering
and Construction Department
525 Market Street, Mail Code V11C
P.O. Box 770000
San Francisco, CA 94177

Subject:   Kerzner PM Video Conference, Feb 2, 1995
Communication Metrics

Dear Chris,

Attached are notes of Dr. Kerzner's remarks at the Cheveron Learning Center last week. The idea of "communication metrics" derived from his lecture seems to reflect the SDS experience at PG&E. New ideas like cost and schedule control 30 years ago, take time to catch on, but thanks to your support at PG&E, Dr. Kerzner may one day be calling for integrated cost, schedule and communications. That's what SDS does.



Rod Welch

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