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February 26, 1999                                                                    08 02 08 61 99022601

Mr. Bill DeHart, PMP
Project Management
Pacific Gas & Electric Company
Grid Customer Services
77 Beale Street; Room 2359, Mail Code N6D
P.O. Box 770000
San Francisco, CA  94177

Subject:  Steve Buck Career Change at PG&E
Dear Bill,

Millie's son, Steve, has been with PG&E for 15 years or so, mostly in field work. This week he received a medial notice to change assignments due to disability.

He will be given some given some options by PG&E, but wants to look more broadly at career opportunities.

It occurred to me you might have some advice, based on your experience and contacts, to guide Steve in his search for a new career at PG&E. I think he has potential for management. He has strong people skills and is proactive in solving problems, which is 90% of the battle. He was selected for a small team project, that lasted a year or so, to implement "automated" management for PG&E's field operations, by providing support and training.

If you feel comfortable offering some input, please call him at work, 650 598 7545 or home 650 347 4854; email

On another matter, I ran into someone in the computer industry who seems, as Andy Grove says, "to get it." Is this another miricle? See what you think.



Rod Welch