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Date: Tue, 03 Aug 1999 17:08:41 -0700

04 00032 61 99080301

Mr. Jeff Ghilardi
Street address
Tehachappi, CA Zip

Subject: Purchase Upgraded copy of SDS

Dear Jeff,

Allah be praised, we've struck a well!!!

First, to sell you the upgraded version of SDS, per your letter today, I would need to install it on your computer and give you an orientation, so this will probably be something that will kill the deal.

Second, this will cost $1K.

If you want to just try installing the system yourself, which is doable, but not recommended, it will cost $500.

If you can't afford that I will send it free.

That can't be too bad a deal.

Millie will be astounded that you asked about this.

So, will Morris at Intel.

Hope things are going well.



Rod Welch

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  2. Jones, Morris E." ,
  3. Henmi, Denis"