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November 12, 1998                                                                    03 96060 61 98111201

Mr. Robert Rudeen
Kwan Henmi Architects
Interior Design/Documentation
Gensler/Michael Willis/Kwan Henmi
600 California Street, Floor 1100
San Francisco, CA  94108

Subject:  Structural Meeting, 981015 draft

Dear Robert,
Here is the first draft of notes for the meeting yesterday with SDE. It looks bigger than it will wind up being, because I have left room for editing. You may be able to review during breaks at trial. I will give copies to staff, so hopefully, we can get comments by this afternoon at 0300p. The notes can then be published for distribution on Friday, or at least for final review.

I am inclined to invite Clonia to comment in the same manner, so that there is a single record for the JV team. I will not approach her on this unless you approve. If she will help, fine. We will have made a good faith effort to expedite the work.



Rod Welch

Copy to:

  1. Ivan Romero
  2. Michael Foegelle
  3. Phillip Buscemi
  4. Janet MacKinnen