Gensler, Michael Willis, Kwan Henmi
Moscone Center Expansion Phase III
600 California Street
San Francisco, California 94108
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November 6, 1998                                                                     03 96060 61 98110502

Mr. Ivan Romero, AIA
Project Architect
Kwan Henmi Architects
Interior Design/Documentation
Gensler/Michael Willis/Kwan Henmi
600 California Street, Floor 1100
San Francisco, CA  94108

Subject:  Moscone Expansion Phase III; Number:  01.6250.000
                Structural Meeting, 981022

Dear Ivan,
This summarizes the discussions regarding Elevator 7 & 8. (Refer to Facsimile Transmittal dated 10-19-98 for related sketches.)

  1. Goal of discussion was to incorporate elevator hoistway, HVAC shaft and Operable Partition Storage clearances with the structural requirements between column lines E.5 - F and 4 - 4.6.

  2. SDE revised from tube steel to wide flange column configurations at elevator support rails intersecting column line 4.3 and has confirmed with FBA.

  3. SDE revised elevator Machine Room level and Penthouse floor framing plans and has confirmed with FBA.

  4. Penthouse structural floor plan to become similar to 2nd & 3rd floor structural plan to accommodate HVAC shaft opening.

  5. Suggestion of doubling number of columns around elevator hoistway was declined in favor of resizing existing columns and beams and introducing chevron bracing at all four sides of Elevator Machine level to underside of Penthouse deck.

  6. Confirmed intermediate horizontal support I-beams necessary between 1st & 2nd and 2nd & 3rd floors to stabilize shaft walls and elevator rail support spans.

  7. KH provided sketches regarding access to fire dampers and fan coil unit at catwalk through an access panel and short ladder adjacent to Machine room stairway. SDE will develop framing for support of catwalk platform.

  8. Clonia Cautis expressed concern regarding edge of slab support where wall divides the Machine Room stairway and fire damper/fan coil unit catwalk area. SDE suggested that cantilevered distance of slab from Machine Room should be adequate, but will investigate additional support requirements.

  9. The HVAC shaft along column line F between 4 and 4.6 has moved south forcing the removal of the Operable Partition closet at column intersection F & 5. The access to the diagonal damper braces located between 4.3 and 4.6 on the 2nd and 3rd floors has been modified to penetrate the HVAC shaft completely requiring two (2-hour) access panels and a suspended catwalk just north and parallel of column line 4.6 inside the HVAC shaft.

  10. Confirmed with SDE that they will coordinate with FBA on issues regarding elevator rail supports.


Gensler, Michael Willis, Kwan Henmi
Kwan Henmi Architects

Philip Buscemi