M E E T I N G  N O T E S

Gensler/Michael Willis/Kwan Henmi

Project Moscone Center Expansion- Phase III Project Number 01.6250.000
Meeting Location JV Team Office Meeting Date November 12, 1998
Subject Mechanical Coordination Meeting Number



Ajmani & Pamidi:

JV Team/Gensler:
JV Team/Michael Willis & Asscts:

Allen Arbabaraghi (AA)
John Byrne (JB)
Amit Wadhwa (AW)
Clonia Cautis (CC)
Steven Hergert (SH)
Robert Rudeen (RR)
Michael Foegelle (MF)
Janet MacKinnon (JM)
Philip Buscemi (PB)

  1. Duct clearances at elevators 7 and 8 at grid lines F.6 and F.

    [On 981119 Robert Rudeen comments.]

  2. Drawings illustrating duct coordination at elevators 5 and 6 were presented to A&P.

    [On 981119 Robert Rudeen comments.]

  3. JV team requested verification that air intake shaft at grid line A would not extend south of grid line 3.6 per sketch from SH.

  4. JV team requested confirmation that the sketches provided by KHA illustrating stair and mechanical equipment relocations in the west mezzanines are approved. Dimensions critical for stair to roof coordination.

    [On 981119 Robert Rudeen comments.]

  5. Is plumbing shaft required for janitors closet plumbing?

    [On 981119 Robert Rudeen comments.]

  6. JV team requested information about elevator machine room HVAC equipment - support and access requirements. Is catwalk revision needed?

    [On 981119 Robert Rudeen comments.]

  7. PB presented sections and plans at elevator 7 and 8 with adjacent duct/return air shaft. Conflicts with duct layout and structure were identified.
    Return air shaft was relocated. Wall closet was removed.

    [On 981119 Robert Rudeen comments.]

  8. CC requested section clarify fire dampers and access to them through the wall at grid line F.

    [On 981119 Robert Rudeen comments.]

  9. JV team requested revisions to elevator exhaust locations so exhaust risers, as they extend above the roof, would be within boundary of the cooling tower screen wall for elevators 1, 2, 3, and 4.
    See also item #9 in "Remaining Issues" category for additional information.

  10. JV team outlined revisions required in basement due to structural shear walls along grid line D.
    A&P requested revised plans for review.

    [On 981119 Robert Rudeen comments.]

  11. MF requested confirmation that the grease ducts as currently designed are sufficient.

  12. Fresh air intake shaft extending into basement was discussed. Location and clearance with structure needs to be verified.

    [On 981119 Robert Rudeen comments.]

  13. Floor space for the basement fresh air intake air handling unit is required. A&P presented plan with proposed air handling unit room at "y" in basement road.

    [On 981119 Robert Rudeen comments.]

  14. At grid line B, a shaft through all floors, extending to roof (cooling tower enclosure) is required for plumbing. Currently this does not appear on the plans.

    [On 981119 Robert Rudeen comments.]

  15. A&P documents call out where beam penetrations are required.

    [On 981119 Robert Rudeen comments.]

  16. A&P requested structural support for 8" water line that extends into ceiling of truck ramp. See M2.13 near grid lines A and 3.6.

    [On 981119 Robert Rudeen comments.]

  17. A&P advised JV team that head clearance under plate girders between grid lines A and B is limited to 7'8" at floors 1,2, and 3 below the west mezzanines.

    [On 981119 Robert Rudeen comments.]

  18. JB must have utility inverts to complete drawings.

    [On 981119 Robert Rudeen comments.]

  19. JB requested louver information.

  20. A&P requested deadline clarification. The next printing will be December 4, 1998.

  21. A&P completed consultant composite plans. All disciplines were assigned separate colors. It is suggested that all text be turned off. A&P requested copies of color composites.

  22. Telecom conduits need to be coordinated with A&P drawings.

    [On 981119 Robert Rudeen comments.]

  23. Fire damper access: JM confirmed access provided through moveable wall pocket and catwalk

    [On 981119 Robert Rudeen comments.]

  24. A&P was advised by JV team that concrete curbs will extend around the perimeter of public bathrooms.

    [On 981119 Robert Rudeen comments.]

Remaining issues from previous meetings:

  1. KHA to update their interior elevations to show the latest structural brace frames and the acoustical separation walls above the movable walls, fire hose/valve cabinets, etc.
    Resolved: Updates were included in 50% printing

    [On 981119 Robert Rudeen comments.]

  2. A&P asked about Laundry Equipment information. CC to ask Tim Comey to provide.
    Issue still pending at 11/12/98 meeting.

  3. Gas vault information was transmitted to KH. Vertical ventilation shaft can only be located near column 5/C, away from the glass retail wall. KH to provide a sketch for the basement area by 10/12/98.
    Sketch was provided. Duct runs were too long.
    11/12/98 meeting: Clonia will investigate alternatives.

    [On 981119 Robert Rudeen comments.]

  4. Louvers on the south end elevations were discussed. A&P advised that the proposed louver re configuration does not work. CC indicated that may be a different approach can be used to address the exhaust louver requirements:

    1. use the area west of column line B/5 and 6. Louver at roof area can be provided on the west " tower" elevation.
    2. use the louver area now indicated above the lower roof area in the profiled metal area.
    3. provide a roof opening in the vicinity of the cooling tower.
    4. A&P will advise by 10/8/98.

    [On 981119 Robert Rudeen comments.]

  5. JV team (KHA) and A&P to coordinate all fire damper locations and access for them particularly in the pre-function core (bounded by grid lines E.5 and F) and at grid line B.
    Coordination in progress at 11/12/98 meeting.

    [On 981119 Robert Rudeen comments.]

  6. CC requested section through ceiling/floor assembly for verification that all ductwork does not conflict with structure or plumbing/electrical floor boxes.
    KH to provide a section through the ceiling space to indicate all the ceiling devices :structural elements, supports for the movable walls, supports for gypsum board edges, movable wall supports, floor boxes, ceiling layer, etc. KH to provide by 10/17/98.
    11/12/98 meeting: A&P requested plans of secondary steel within the ceiling for verification of coordination.

    [On 981119 Robert Rudeen comments.]

  7. JV team (SH) gave A&P a copy of the louver study showing inadequacy of the shafts and louvers. JV team proposals for modification in progress. A&P will use high efficiency louvers. A&P to advise.
    11/12/98: verification of a few items still pending.
    A&P advised JV team that net free areas at louvers does not directly translate to net free area required in the shaft.
    JV team requested that A&P review louver study again to verify shaft sizes.

  8. Emergency generator exhaust currently conflicts with stair, coordination of shaft for exhaust lines is required. Current scheme shows exhaust extending to roof.
    Requirement: Pipe to extend 10' above roof, and 3' from adjacent wall, enclosed in a 2 hour shaft within building.
    Exhaust pipes will terminate at the face of the building .Approval was received from the DBI. KH to coordinate and indicate pipes within the interior shafts, MWA to coordinate the exterior elevation penetrations. CC red marked the area on the table set for coordination.
    11/12/98: termination at building exterior has not been resolved. MWA and Peter Schlosser to coordinate. Information to be given to A&P.

    [On 981119 Robert Rudeen comments.]

  9. A&P and JV team must coordinate venting of elevator shafts. Current scheme of venting directly through penthouse to penthouse roof will be modified to preserve elevation.
    11/12/98 Still in progress. See new item #9 for additional information.

    [On 981119 Robert Rudeen comments.]

  10. JB requested structural and JV team approval of the sump locations. JV team to issue electronic files to FBA.
    (Issued and incorporated into FBA plans)
    KH will transmit new backgrounds to consultants 10/19/98. Check with FBA if OK.
    11/12/98: confirmation that no conflicts exist is still pending. Revised electronic foundation plans to be sent to A&P for verification.

    [On 981119 Robert Rudeen comments.]

  11. Has confirmation been received by SF Thermal on steam vault?
    Still pending?
    There will be a meeting next week with SF thermal.

    [On 981119 Robert Rudeen comments.]

Action / Decisions Pending / Follow up

A&P confirmed coordination.

A&P confirmed duct location per sketch.

Although concept was approved, A&P requested copies of sketch for final review. Confirmation from A&P by 11/13/98.

A&P advised: 6" stud wall capable of housing plumbing. No shaft required

A&P to review drawings included in 50% documents and advise of necessary revisions.

AA presented drawing showing revised duct layout in this area.
Plots of revisions to be issued to JV team by 11/13/98.

KHA to provide sections with added information. A&P to review.

A&P to study potential locations for duct through roof penetrations. A&P and JV team to coordinate

JV team provided revised basement plan. A&P to relocate ducts and minimize penetrations through shear wall.

A&P confirmed.

11/13/98: JV team cut section and verified duct/structure clearance.

JV team to revise area by adding required walls around AHU.

JV team to add shaft to plans.

A&P and SDE to coordinate beam penetrations.

JV team and SDE to coordinate.

JV verified: the worst condition is actually 7'-5" at grid lines 2.6 and 3.

JV team has requested this information from MCEP. It has not been provided.

Louvers are water tight, no drains required adjacent to louvers.

Drawings dates and titles to be provided closer to printing time.

JV team to plot color composites for coordination purposes. Copies will be provided for al consultants

KHA to lead coordination effort

A&P will review access to dampers in 50% set.

Curbs do not currently appear on plans, but will be added for reference.

11/12/98: Options for exhausting discussed. JV team directed A&P to add exhaust fan and assume exhausting from building under bay window soffit.

Resolution pending Clonia Cautis study.

This proposal was not incorporated. Exterior louvers were revised per Peter Schlosser.
A&P confirmed that revised louvers can work if fan sizes are increased.
JV team directed A&P to increase fan sizes.

Issue resolved.

JV team will verify if damper locations conflict with elevator machine room. Elevator shafts, etc.

A&P provided section. Floor boxes to be added to section.

JV team (SH) to schedule additional time with A&P for resolution of louver/shaft issues.
Meeting occurred 9/26: duct revisions in basement resolved problems.

JV team requested clarification of exhaust requirements (distance/height from sidewalk).
JV team to study options of not extending exhaust to roof.

Still pending.

JV team to study and coordinate with A&P.

JV team reviewed and approved layouts. Files sent to FBA.

Sump locations must be modified slightly. See Structural foundation plan for conflicts: S2.01.

SF Thermal has not provided a review.

Gensler/Michael Willis/Kwan Henmi will rely on these notes as the approved record of matters discussed and conclusions reached during this meeting unless written notice to the contrary is received by Gensler/Michael Willis/Kwan Henmi within seven calendar days of the issue date of these meeting notes.


Attendees, Project File
Prepared by Steven Hergert, Michael Foegelle Date Issued:

13 November 1998

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