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To:     Ivan Romero

From:   Clonia Cautis

Date:   October 2, 1998

Subject:  To do list

As per our meeting with the structural consultants:
  1. KH will provide revised backgrounds to all consultants by 10/19/98. The revised backgrounds will indicate all restrooms, access stairs to mechanical mezzanines, roof, elevator mechanical rooms.

  2. KH will coordinate the column location at basement level between column lines 1, 2 and A6 and B with TEE and TECOM by 10/5/98

  3. Elevator shaft, structural supports for guide rails, elevator machine room supports will be completed by October 12,1998.

  4. Stair sections/ plans: MWA and KH will coordinate the stair perimeter walls and incorporate on drawings by October 9,1998. There are problems with clearances at the movable wall closets on the third floor on Minna street.

  5. KH will transmit the revised ceiling drawings to TEE and Paolleti for their review. 10/1/98.

  6. KH will work with Paolleti and RJA to develop detail at floor box ( acoustical and fire rating problem)

  7. CC will transmit to Hanscomb and City an alternate foundation plan to be estimated.

  8. KH to complete the floor boxes coordination ( overlay of electrical, plumbing, booth layouts, structural drawings) by Monday, 10/5/98.

  9. Track ramps floor drain coordination with AGS and A&P by 10/6/98.

  10. MWA will provide meeting notes for the MWA skin package tasks at coordination meetings with mechanical and structural consultants. KH will only provide meeting notes for the interior coordination effort. I asked KH to use the Gensler format for meetings that are to be distributed to our consultants. Action column on the right side. See project management Manual. Please use the JV format.

Cc: Steven Hergert

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